Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Record, Late Summer and Fall Dates

Hi folks, new record is done as in pressed and paid for. We'll have details on that in a bit.  In addition to our own record our friends over at Wax Mage were nice enough to include us on a killer comp that is out soon.  We'll be playing out a bunch before hibernating for the winter.

7/30 Columbus @ The Summit Reflex Machine's release show.
8/13 Kent @ The Outpost Concert Club for The Blackout Cookout
8/27 Columbus @ The Summit w/Maharaja
8/31 CD102.5 Frontstage, live on air. 
9/1 Chicago @ The Live Wire
9/2 Louisville @ PRFBBQLOU2016
9/3 Cincinnati @ The Northside Yacht Club 
9/4 Raliegh @ Slim's
9/5 Baltimore @ Sidebar
9/6 Athens, OH @ The Union
9/7 Cleveleand @ Maple Lanes
9/8 Pittsburgh @ Howler's
9/9 Detroit @ New Dodge Lounge
9/10 Canton @ Buzzbin
9/24 Columbus @ Spacebar

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hitting a Few Out of Town Dates This Fall

08/15/2015 - Blackout Cookout, w/Lo Pan, Fight AMP, Weedeater.. ect...
09/24/2015 - Philidelphia, PA @ Kungfu Necktie w/Bardus and Hells
09/25/2015 - Shadow Woods Metal Fest
09/26/2015 - Athens, Oh House Show w/ Horseburner

Monday, May 11, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stabbing Texward in 2015

We are going to be heading to Texas and back in February, this will be our first western jaunt.  All Shows in Texas proper will be with Lechuguillas and Terminator 2.  Will update with list with Facebook events and all that good stuff once they are available.  Thanks again to everyone that makes this possible for us.

2/19 - Nashville, TN @ The Tower II
2/20 - Texarkana, AR @ Silver Dollar
2/21 - Austin, TX @ The Lost Well
2/22 - Denton, TX @ Gatsby's Mansion
2/23 - Wichita, KS @ Lucky's Everyday

We will be playing at the Black Antler's release show when we return on the 28th, after a few days of getting the stink off.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Well, things are changing around here for the first time since we started.  Our pun machine/drummer Cory is moving away from Columbus in the near future.  To send him off properly we are doing a series of shows with both Cory and his replacement Ricky Thompson of Muscle Puzzle/Barely Eagle.  We will continue to play shows as a four piece if anything else pops up before he leaves later in the fall.

08/16/2014 -  Kent, OH @ THE BLACKOUT COOKOUT 5

08/28/2014 -  Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups w/Demon Eye (Raleigh, NC) and Beggars

08/29/2014 -  Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class w/Moutheater, Wasted Jaw and Tithe

Monday, March 3, 2014

We are going to play a few local shows this spring, currently we are writing another album and figuring out how much traveling we want to do over the summer and fall.  Hugs and Kisses as always.

4/19/2014 - Ace of Cups, Columbus OH for The Columbus Blood LP release.

05/17/2014 - Carabar, Columbus OH w/Barely Eagle, Brujas Del Sole, Beggars (attack of the killer Bs)

05/30/2014 - Carabar, Columbus OH w/Lo Pan, The Swan King and Jar'd Loose

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanks to every venue, band, and independent promoter that helped us on tour. Special thanks to our part time merch dude Ryan, the local media from the different stops that took the time to write about us, and the record stores that are now carrying our records.

We were seriously humbled by our welcome home show at Carabar though, we never could have dreamed that was what was waiting for us. We'll be taking some time off until spring or summer to deal with things outside of the band. If we are slow to respond to or miss emails over the break I apologize. We will still be sure to ship merch in a timely fashion.

Seriously, thanks to everyone who made this two weeks possible and a HUGE thanks to Carabar for reminding us how nice it is to come home after you have been away.

See you guys next year!